Mission Statement

At the Equilibrialist, we strive to redefine the term of helmet gear by equally incorporating the quality, functionality and design elements throughout our products. By allowing riders to customize their visor, we aim to encourage them to express their individuality while at the same time, they can benefit from its increased practicality. 



How It All Started

Our journey began during our quest to find visors for our 'retro' full-face helmets. Despite a variety of accessories out there, we couldn’t quite find a visor that felt right to us. Besides the visor’s basic functionality, we were looking for additional elements that could potentially transform our visor into a more personalized piece of a gear. More specifically, we were looking for a visor that we could easily individualize according to our unique styles and bikes. The absence of such a visor encouraged us to embark on the journey of creating well-made, functional yet customizable motorcycle gear.







"Design innovative customizable gear without compromising its functionality"

Our ethos shapes the way we design, manufacture and operate as a company. In fact, it even inspired our brand’s name. The term “Equilibrium” refers to a state in which opposing forces are balanced. A state where different elements coexist harmoniously without overpowering each other. The Equilibrialist's foundations are based on these elements:

- Quality 



By maintaining a balance between these elements, it allows us to create gear that not only looks good but also functions properly. 



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