EQ ✖️ DC67 Collab

EQ ✖️ DC67 Collab

April 17, 2022

The Equilibrialist ✖️ Dimitri Coste Collaboration
Introducing the DC67 Maska


Who is Dimitri Coste?

Paris-born, Dimitri Coste is a photographer and creative individual whose extensive work is ingrained with his immense passion for motorcycles and the Americana culture. Always on the move, Dimitri can be found shooting action photos in the desert one day, then shooting fashion in a studio on the next. The use of singular angles and lighting contribute to his own unique photographic style. What further makes his motorcycle photos special is that he, himself, is an active “gentleman” racer.

Dimitri is a regular at the UK vintage flat track series, where he has won multiple times. In addition, he has won the open twin class at the 2010 Catalina GP, is a Pikes Peak finisher and an occasional Super Hooligan racer on an RSD Indian Scout. In 2019 he has also won the UK Flattrack championship.   


How it all started…

We first met Dimitri during the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride in New York City in 2018. Our shared passion for vintage motorcycles led to an hour-long conversation. The rest, as they say, is history.


Les Ateliers Ruby…

Not only does Dimitri have a creative mind but so does his brother, Jerome. Jerome is the legendary designer and founder of the ‘Les Ateliers Ruby’ brand. Jerome’s vision in combination with his designing talent lead to a helmet that was truly astonishing. Prior to the Les Ateliers Ruby brand, no one dared merging the luxury world with the motorcycle world in such a chic, yet functional way. The brand might not be around anymore but the Ruby helmets left their mark on the motorcycling world and were arguably the most iconic motorcycle helmets that were ever created.


Passion driven… 

Through this collaboration, we aim to celebrate Dimitri Coste’s creative work, motorcycle career and most importantly, his authenticity. In a world full of fabricated personalities, it is very refreshing to come across someone like Dimitri who is purely driven by his passion. 



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